NEW YORK, NOV. 16 -- In an angry, booming voice, one of the three black victims of a racial assault last December in Howard Beach told a packed Queen's courtroom today how a group of white teen-agers beat him with wooden bats and tree limbs, opening

head wounds that needed 66 stitches.

Four white youths are on trial on murder and manslaughter charges. At one point in his emotional testimony today, Cedrick Sandiford, 37, stood up and pointed a finger at defendant Jon Lester, 18, identifying him as the youth with "round red cheeks" who bashed his head with a bat.

Sandiford said he had pleaded, "Please, oh God, don't kill me, I have a son like you."

Lester and Scott Kern, also 18, are accused of killing Michael Griffith, 23, one of Sandiford's two companions the night of Dec. 20, 1986. Griffith fled from the attack onto a highway and was struck by a car.

Michael Pirone, 17, and Jason Ladone, 16, are charged with manslaughter and assault.

On cross-examination, Lester's attorney, Bryan Levinson, disputed Sandiford's identification, citing a police report in which Sandiford said that the bat-wielding youth was blond with blue eyes. Lester has brown hair and brown eyes.

Levinson asked Sandiford to approach his client at the defense table and look into his eyes. Sandiford, face to face with Lester in a stare-down, shouted, "That was the person beating me with a baseball bat, no matter what color his eyes."

Sandiford's testimony, including his graphic description of Griffith's body as it lay beside the road, was interrupted several times by cries of sympathy and outrage from the largely black audience.

Recalling that he had been frisked after fleeing his attackers, Sandiford said he had filed a $25 million lawsuit against the New York City Police Department. Loud applause erupted from the audience, eliciting a warning from the judge.

"The fact is he {Sandiford} took a terrible beating," special prosecutor Charles J. Hynes said during a recess. "What impact that has on his ability to identify is up to the jury to determine."

Sandiford is the last key witness for the prosecution. Timothy Grimes, the third black victim, and Robert Riley, one of the white Howard Beach youths who agreed to cooperate with the special prosecutor, already have testified in the six-week-old trial.

Hynes said he expects the prosecution to rest its case by Friday.