BELFAST, NOV. 18 -- After sifting through 50 tons of rubble, authorities said today the IRA bomb that killed 11 people almost two weeks ago was set off by an electronic timer deliberately set to kill civilians.

The charge by the British Army's top bomb disposal expert in Northern Ireland directly clashed with the Irish Republican Army's claim that the Nov. 8 bomb in Enniskillen was radio-controlled and meant for security sources.

The IRA, which is fighting to end British rule in predominantly Protestant Northern Ireland so it can be united with the Catholic Irish Republic, claimed the bomb exploded prematurely, set off by an Army radio scanner.

"The finding of the forensic investigation confirms the bomb was set off by a timing device," said Northern Ireland Secretary Tom King.

"This reveals that the IRA statement of last week was a total lie. Nothing could more clearly illustrate their evil than this -- first murder, then lie."

Army bomb expert Lt. Col. Hugh Heap said that after sifting through the rubble, police and Army specialists were able to reconstruct the timer used in the 30-pound bomb, whose blast also injured 63.

There was no immediate IRA comment on the official findings.