SEVILLE, SPAIN, NOV. 21 -- Chess stars Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov traded charges of impolite or incorrect behavior today after drawing the 15th game of their world championship match.

Champion Kasparov told reporters he was "very cross" over the way in which Karpov had offered a draw in the game, while Karpov responded by charging his opponent with "incorrect" behavior.

The controversy flared today after the 15th game was adjourned late on Friday night with Karpov depositing his next move in a sealed envelope before going to bed. The game was agreed drawn today without play resuming.

Officials said Karpov's offer of a draw had been delivered while Kasparov was asleep, and by the time he woke up and accepted it an irritated Karpov had decided to withdraw it.

Match chief arbiter Geurt Gijssen of the Netherlands, who had carried the draw offer to the Kasparov camp, ruled that under the regulations it could not be withdrawn and had to stand.

The draw leaves Kasparov ahead in the 24-game match by 8-7, having won three games, lost two and drawn 10. Karpov is trying to regain the world title from his fellow Soviet grandmaster.

Kasparov told reporters, "If Karpov can take 15 hours to decide to offer a draw, I can take three hours to accept it."

In a statement to reporters, Karpov claimed that Kasparov's behavior had been "incorrect" and told Gijssen: "I cancel the offer."