MANILA, NOV. 23 -- A communist rebel group today claimed responsibility for the attacks outside the U.S.-run Clark Air Base last month in which three Americans were killed.

A spokesman for the National Democratic Front, in addition to saying the group had carried out the Oct. 28 attacks, warned that other U.S. military and civilian personnel would be targeted if they got involved in domestic affairs.

"All U.S. military and civilian officials and personnel involved in the implementation of the total war program are to be targets for attack," the spokesman, Saturnino Ocampo, told the British Broadcasting Corp.

Ocampo said the front's rebels killed the three Americans "as a matter of policy."

U.S. servicemen were banned from going to bars outside the base for several weeks after the attacks while American soldiers armed with heavy weapons patrolled the base's boundaries. The alert was lifted last week.

"It is not NDF policy to attack foreign citizens, per se. There is no ground for fear by foreigners, even Americans, as long as they are not involved in the interventionist policy of the Reagan administration," Ocampo said.

He said the front decided last June to launch guerrilla attacks against Americans because of "infusion of more deadly armaments for the armed forces of the Philippines and the U.S. military participation in the counterinsurgency operations.

"We are carefully watching whether the U.S. government will escalate the level of its intervention. The actual deployment of American advisers or troops in combat, for instance, will change the character of the civil war," he said.

The military says at least 10 people die daily in insurgency-related violence. A spokesman said today that Juanito Rivero, the second-ranking leader of the outlawed Communist Party, had been charged with illegal possession of firearms.