JERUSALEM, NOV. 26 (THURSDAY) -- At least six Israeli soldiers and one Palestinian guerrilla were killed late last night when the Palestinian used a motorized hang glider to attack an Army camp near Kiryat Shemona in northern Israel, according to an Israeli Army spokesman.

At least eight other Israelis were reported wounded in the attack, the bloodiest inside Israel in at least seven years and the second time this year that Palestinians infiltrating from Lebanon have been able to surprise and kill Israeli soldiers.

An Army spokesman confirmed the attack, which occurred at around 11 o'clock last night, and the casualty figures, but refused to provide any other details.

Military sources said more than one guerrilla committed the attack, but could not confirm exactly how many were involved. It was not immediately known which faction the attackers belonged to or what their motivation was for the assault.

Residents of the area said scattered gunfire was continuing early this morning. Details were sketchy.

Military patrols were still searching the area, according to one source. Another said he believed the Army had captured one man.

The hang glider, with a small engine attached, apparently had been launched from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, a haven for a variety of Palestinian and Lebanese guerrilla and terrorist groups.

The glider landed across the road from an Army camp near the Beit Hillel farming settlement outside Kiryat Shemona in Israel's upper Galilee, just inside the border with Lebanon, the sources said.

The guerrillas first attacked a small truck, killing a male officer and wounding a woman soldier, the sources said. The Palestinians then entered the camp and attacked a tent with AK47 assault rifles and grenades. Five soldiers were killed in that attack and several wounded.

The camp was said by sources to belong to one of the Army's Nahal units, special groups of soldiers who serve part of their military duty at militarized farming settlements called nahals, most of them situated along Israel's borders. There are several such units along the northern border with Lebanon.

The military sources at first said all the dead and wounded were soldiers. But later the Kfar Bloom kibbutz, several miles east of where the shootout occurred, reported that a young foreign volunteer worker had been shot and slightly wounded in a field. The Army sources said they did not know whether the incident was related to the assault.

{Reuter quoted security sources as saying that the worker had been shot after being mistaken for a guerrilla.}

There was an unconfirmed report from the area that a second, apparently unsuccessful infiltration attempt was made in a balloon near the town of Menara.

In April, two Israeli soldiers and three Palestinian fighters were killed when the Palestinians infiltrated across the border and attempted to reach Kiryat Shemona on an apparent hostage-seeking mission. Cut off by Israeli forces, the Palestinians ambushed an Army patrol.

In September, three Israeli soldiers were killed by a Palestinian unit on a similar mission in the Mount Hermon area in southeastern Lebanon, just a few miles from the border.

The most serious attack on Kiryat Shemona, long vulnerable because its outskirts virtually abut the Lebanese border, came in 1974, when three heavily armed Palestinians seized an apartment building.

In a gunbattle with Israeli troops, 18 Israelis were killed -- including eight children and two soldiers -- and 16 wounded. The three attackers also were slain.

After repeated rocket attacks over the years, Kiryat Shemona, by mid-1981, had become a virtual ghost town. But following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, intended at least partly to remove the terrorist threat from southern Lebanon, the city had flourished again.

Before the April attack, the last successful infiltration involving Israeli fatalities was on April 7, 1980, when Palestinians entered a kibbutz and killed three residents, including a 2-year-old boy.

Israeli troops An Army unit killed all five Palestinians, who were holding civilian hostages.