Nov. 13, 1986 -- Three men were killed in Arlington in a fire at a wood frame rooming house at 1140 N. Randolph St.

March 23, 1986 -- Five persons, including four children, were killed in a fire that struck a foster home at 4286 Southern Ave. SE.

Jan. 26, 1986 -- Nine Salvadoran immigrants were killed when fire spread through a Mount Pleasant row house at 1629 Irving St. NW.

Nov. 2, 1984 -- Four homeless persons were killed in a fire at a boarded-up row house at 1637 13th St. NW.

Sept. 15, 1985 -- Three children died in a fire in a row house at 1147 Third St. NE.

Feb. 1, 1984 -- Seven members of a family -- four children and three adults -- died after a space heater ignited a fire in a row house at 1111 Sixth St. NW in the Shaw area. Thirteen persons were injured.

April 11, 1979 -- A fire in a boarding house for St. Elizabeths mental patients at 1715 Lamont St. NW in Mount Pleasant area resulted in the deaths of 10 women.

Feb. 1, 1978 -- Two brothers, ages 2 and 4, were killed in a College Park motel fire at 8419 Baltimore Ave.

Jan. 21, 1975 -- Three small children died in a fire at 4216 34th St. in Mount Rainier.