CHERRY HILL, N.J., NOV. 28 -- Police arrested 210 of about 300 antiabortion protesters who blocked the doors to an abortion clinic today in what the protesters called the largest demonstration of its kind.

The demonstrators, who arrived in vans and buses from as far away as Oregon, barred workers and patients from entering the Cherry Hill Woman's Center, near Philadelphia, until police arrived to haul them away.

Several demonstrators clutched rosary beads and said prayers as they were dragged away by police.

"We're not going to win the war today, but, glory be to God, we're going to save children's lives," said Randall Terry, a spokesman for the Pro-Life Action Network. "If the hippies can do it for drugs, we can do it for God."

Clinic officials and local feminist groups denounced the protest as an illegal attempt to interfere with the right of women to decide whether to bear children.

"The only reason they're doing this is that they have lost in the courts and they've lost in the legislature," said Linda Bowker, director of the New Jersey National Organization for Women. "This is a last-ditch, hysterical effort to take away a woman's right to choose."