The following agreement ended the nine-day siege at the Federal Detention Center at Oakdale, La.:

Upon the release of all remaining officers being held on the compound at FDC Oakdale, the following agreement will immediately be enforced.

1. Cuban detainees with families and/or sponsors who have already been approved for parole will not have an arbitrary change made in their release decision.

2. The release of the Cuban detainees with no family or sponsor, who have already been approved for parole, will be reviewed and a decision made within a reasonable time. This will permit a full, fair and equitable review within the laws of the United States of each individual's status with respect to eligibility to remain in the United States. All Cuban detainees at FDC Oakdale who have not been reviewed will receive an expeditious review of their status and those eligible for release will be given the same consideration as No. 1 and No. 2 above.

3. All Cuban detainees at FDC Oakdale with medical problems will be sent immediately to medical facilities for evaluation and treatment. Once these detainees are cleared medically, they will be given the same considerations as No. 1 and No. 2 above.

4. Cuban detainees at FDC Oakdale will be given I-94 (an identification card that indicates the bearer is in the United States legally) and other documents including work permit, when they are released. No detainee will be held by INS {Immigration and Naturalization Service} without an appropriate charge.

5. No Cuban detainees will be held liable for any damage, to this date, sustained by the institution during the hostage situation at this facility.

6. It is understood that the American cadre at FDC Oakdale did not have any part in this situation and can be removed immediately.

7. Those Cuban detainees who have been accepted for entrance to another country will be expeditiously reviewed.