AGE -- 33

POSITION -- A director of program development with Electronic Data Systems, the high-technology firm founded by H. Ross Perot that is now under the corporate umbrella of General Motors. He is responsible for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration account.

HOME -- Zip Code 22180, near Vienna, Fairfax County.

LIFE STORY -- Dwight Ford, the son of a pediatrician, was brought up in the swank Northern New Jersey suburb of Montclair. He went to elite Montclair Academy, where he rubbed shoulders with the children of the likes of now-fugitive international financier Robert L. Vesco. In an assertion of independence, Ford insisted on paying his way through college. He chose the University of Virginia because it was the cheapest of the several quality schools at which he was accepted. The jobs he took to support himself -- unloading semi-tractor-trailers from 3:30 to 6:30 in the morning after waiting tables at night -- slowed his studies. But he finally graduated in 1979 with dual majors in mathematics and psychology. He went to Northern Virginia shortly thereafter, where he found a job with Athena Information Management Systems, a minority-owned firm. From there he moved on to Control Data Corp. in 1981, and Electronic Data Systems in 1985.

FAMILY -- Ford married his wife Crystal in 1983. The daughter of a Beaumont, Tex., physician, she has her law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Houston. She is a senior account representative for Mead Data Central, which markets the Lexis and Nexis information retrieval systems. Their daughter Christina is 3. In a shrewd real estate move, when looking for a home, Ford specificially targeted the area within a mile of the planned Vienna Metrorail stop when that site was a vacant field. With the completion of that transportation link and I-66 inside the Capital Beltway, four-bedroom town houses such as the one he bought in 1983 for $100,000 have recently sold for $160,000.