MOSCOW, DEC. 1 -- Soviet television broadcast the NBC News interview with Mikhail Gorbachev tonight, but censored Gorbachev's remark that he talks about top government affairs with his wife.

The deletion of the brief exchange about Raisa Gorbachev in the hour-long interview conducted at the Kremlin on Saturday and broadcast in the United States last night indicates how sensitive her high profile is in Soviet society.

The families of Communist Party leaders traditionally are little-known and seldom seen. Raisa Gorbachev's stylish clothes and frequent appearances at her husband's side have caused some grumbling in Soviet society.

The Associated Press compared an English-language text of the interview provided by NBC News with the Soviet broadcast.

Near the end of the NBC text, anchorman Tom Brokaw asked: "We've all noticed the conspicuous presence of Mrs. Gorbachev in your travels. Do you go home in the evening and discuss with her national policies, political difficulties and so on in this country?"

"We discuss everything," Gorbachev responded.

The NBC text continued with the following exchange, which was deleted from the Soviet television tape:

Brokaw: "Including Soviet affairs at the highest level?"

Gorbachev: "I think that I have answered your question in toto. We discuss everything."

The Soviet tape continues after the first question with Brokaw saying, "I'll accept your answer," and going on to the next question.

There appeared to be no other deletions in the Soviet broadcast. the country's affairs.

AP-BA-12-01 1555EST