MOSCOW, DEC. 4 -- Three more fatal accidents have occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear plant this year, and radiation continues to be a problem there, according to a report today by a Communist Party official.

The report was made by an official identified only as V. Lukyanenko, head of the party in the new town of Slavutich, built to accommodate the Chernobyl staff and their families after the April 26, 1986, accident, in which one of the plant's four reactors exploded and caught fire, releasing radioactive material.

That reactor has been permanently sealed, but the official news agency Tass said today that a less-damaged reactor has been repaired and is back in service.

Lukyanenko, in a report published by the newspaper Socialist Industry, said that "in the past 10 months in our organization there have been 36 accidents, including three with fatal consequences."

"Despite the measures that have been taken, incidents of radiation overdoses have not been excluded up to the present time," he said. Lukyanenko gave no details of the recent accidents and problems at Chernobyl.

The accident at the plant was the world's worst accident involving atomic power, leaving at least 31 persons dead and carrying the radioactive material over large portions of Europe.

Lukyanenko said the power plant's directors have been disciplined for workers' security infractions during the extraction of nuclear fuel. He said that the plant's supervisors and power workers did not make nuclear safety a priority.