It turns out that evangelical leader the Rev. Tim LeHaye, who endorsed Rep. Jack F. Kemp (R-N.Y.) in an extravagant series of events in Iowa this week, has written that Roman Catholicism is "a false religion" and that some Jews (he excludes Orthodox and Conservative Jews) "have often yielded to a secularistic, even atheistic spirit," according to a report in yesterday's Baltimore Sun.

Kemp, hoping to attract some of Iowa's evangelical vote away from Marion G. (Pat) Robertson, named LeHaye a national cochairman -- one of about a dozen -- of his presidential campaign and also received the endorsement of LeHaye's wife, Beverly.

Kemp adviser Charles Black said yesterday that the campaign was aware of some controversy surrounding LeHaye several years ago but added that "these are questions of theology. And Jack reserves the right to disagree with him on theology. Politically LeHaye is a conservative, and he agrees with Jack politically. And Jack accepts his support."

Meanwhile, LeHaye issued a statement declaring, "I am not anti-Catholic or anti-Semetic." He dismissed the Sun article as "no more than a rehash of the unfair attack on me of three years ago by Norman Lear's People for the American Way."

Black said, "Jack takes him at his word.".