Although Pat Robertson resigned as head of the Christian Broadcasting Network when he officially became a Republican presidential candidate Oct. 1, the financial disclosure statement he filed this week shows he still has ties to CBN.

Robertson reported, for instance, that he is still paying off a loan from the network, of between $15,000 and $50,000, which he took out last year at 10 percent interest. He also said he has an arrangement, worked out while he was chairman of the board, to receive retirement pay based on his previous service.

Joseph Gray, a CBN spokesman, said he was not familiar with the statement Robertson filed with the Federal Election Commission. He did say the network, which Robertson founded in 1960, quit making corporate contributions to the employe retirement fund more than a year ago. He added that he did not know whether it was common practice for CBN to make loans to employes.

In another development, the FEC certified that Robertson will be eligible for matching funds. Robertson aides have said the candidate is philosophically opposed to the idea of receiving public funds, but they applied for the funds anyway in case they are needed. Robertson doesn't check off the box on his federal tax return designating $1 to the matching fund pool.