Frustrated by the lack of congressional progress on enacting new campaign-finance legislation, Common Cause, a public interest lobby, has targeted Senate Minority Leader Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) as the main obstacle. In a letter last week to Dole, Common Cause President Fred Wertheimer wrote, "Despite the desire of the majority to act and despite the widely recognized and urgent need for reform, you have been protecting the current corrupt system . . . . We strongly urge you to stop blocking the Senate from acting . . . . "

Dole, who is seeking the 1988 Republican presidential nomination, introduced his own campaign-finance bill in September, but Wertheimer dismisses it as "neither a serious nor comprehensive effort to end the campaign-finance scandal in Congress," because, according to Wertheimer, it "would not limit campaign spending and . . . would have minimal impact on the PAC {political action committee} problem."

Attached to the letter are a list of 70 national organizations and a list of 270 newspapers supporting campaign-finance legislation. Also attached is a flier being distributed around the country that quotes Dole's position.

Dole spokesman Walt Riker called the effort "a typical Common Cause cheap shot. The only reform they want is to put the Republican Party out of business."