Transcript of President Reagan's remarks at the ceremonial lighting of the national Christmas tree last night:My fellow citizens, the 1987 Pageant of Peace has a special significance this year.

The lighting of the national Christmas tree, with its star of peace atop, could not come at a more symbolic moment.

Two hours ago, General Secretary {Mikhail} Gorbachev's plane touched down on American soil. I invited him to come and discuss ways in which we can reduce the tensions between our two countries.

He and I will meet in hopes of promoting peace for our peoples and all the people of the Earth.

I hope the general secretary is watching this on TV.

I'd like him to see what we're celebrating, because for us, Christmas celebrates the cause of peace on Earth, good will toward men.

Peace on Earth, good will toward men -- I cannot think of a better spirit in which to begin the meetings of the next several days.

As a small reminder of that spirit, a star of peace atop the national Christmas tree will be lit day and night during the time our Soviet guests are here.

And as we look out from the White House during our discussions, let the star remind us why we've gathered and what we seek.

In Luke, Chapter 10, Verse 5, we read: "Peace be to this house." That blessing is most appropriate over the next several days.

And with that said, Tommy Valenti {5, of Jackson, N.J., a cystic-fibrosis patient} will light the national Christmas tree, and let the star of peace shine for all.