The controversy continues for Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.), even though the Rev. Tim LaHaye resigned Monday as a national cochairman of Kemp's presidential campaign after news reports that LaHaye had made anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic statements in his books. Students at Brandeis University questioned Kemp about LaHaye's remarks and his failure to condemn LaHaye immediately.

Kemp said he accepted LaHaye's resignation and dissociated himself from the writings of the evangelist and his wife, Beverly. "Should he be allowed to resign? Yes," Kemp said. "Should I pounce on them? No." Kemp added, "I am sorry about the incident . . . . I have said over and over again that there is no place in my campaign for any religious or any racial or any ethnic prejudice or bias or joke-telling."

At a luncheon earlier in the day in Nashua, N.H., Kemp was asked about LaHaye by a local optometrist, Elliott Lasky. As Kemp was leaving, Lasky pressed him further, saying he thought "it was poor judgment on the part of your campaign staff even to appoint the guy." Kemp grabbed Lasky's shoulders and told him, "He {LaHaye} is out. He has resigned. I never heard him say anything anti-Semitic. He is a good, decent man and he doesn't deserve to be pilloried."