LOCATIONS THAT WILL BE OPEN TO INSPECTION BY SOVIET TEAMS UNITED STATES Alabama 1. Redstone Arsenal: Site for Pershing missile launcher repairs, training of Pershing maintenance technicians. Arizona 2. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: Ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) crew-training conducted by the 868th Tactical Missile Training Group. 3. Fort Huachuca: Training facility supports GLCM school at Davis-Monthan AFB. California 4. San Diego: GLCM transport-erector-launchers produced by the Convair Division of General Dynamics. Colorado 5. Pueblo Army Depot: Storage site for Pershing IAs, Pershing IIs. Florida 6. Cape Canaveral: Eastern Space and Missile Center conducts Pershing missile flight testing into the Atlantic. Maryland 7. Middle River: Site of Martin Marietta's Pershing IA, II launcher production facility. Oklahoma 8. Fort Sill: Site of Pershing missile crew training. Base for 3rd Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment, with 39 Pershing II launchers used for training and assigned for contingency missions worldwide. Texas 9. Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant: Site of Pershing IA missile production facility. Utah 10. Dugway Proving Grounds: GLCM flight testing conducted by Air Force Tactical Air Warfare Center. 11. Magna: Location of factory operated by Hercules Aerospace, formally involved in production of Pershing missile stages. EUROPEBELGIUM Florennes Air Base: 12 GLCM launchers, 20 missiles (12 launchers, 48 missiles at full deployment). Gosselles: European Central Repair Facility for GLCMs. 16 GLCMs. BRITAIN RAF Greenham Common: 29 GLCM launchers, 101 missiles. RAF Molesworth: 6 GLCM launchers, 18 missiles, not operational (16 launchers, 64 missiles at full deployment). ITALY Cosimo Air Station, Sicily: 31 GLCM launchers, 108 missiles (28 launchers, 112 missiles at full deployment). NETHERLANDS Woensdrecht Air Station: Future site for 12 GLCM launchers, 48 missiles. WEST GERMANY Frankfurt-Hausen: Pershing Modification and Exchange Facility. Neu Ulm: 36 Pershing II launchers. Schwaebisch-Gmuend: 36 active Pershing II launchers. Waldheide/Neckarulm: 36 active Pershing II launchers. Wellerbach: Central depot and storage facility for Pershing missiles, warheads. Wueschheim/Hasselbach: 31 launchers, 62 missiles (24 launchers, 96 missiles planned for full deployment).

SOURCE: Natural Resources Defense Council Summit Watch