BOSTON, DEC. 9 -- A judge today ordered an ailing, 82-year-old World War II hero -- credited with killing 400 German soldiers -- to undergo psychiatric evaluation for allegedly threatening to kill his apartment manager.

Ramon Subejano, a Philippines native who earned many medals in World War II, is accused of threatening to kill his apartment manager, a home aide and himself in a dispute over a rent increase.

"They are making a mess of my life," said Subejano, who survived five major battles, including Normandy. "They enjoy trouble like this. I cannot stop them. The people are jealous."

Boston Housing Court Judge E. George Daher ordered the evaluation -- to determine whether Subejano was "competent or a danger to himself or others" -- after hearing testimony that Subejano kept guns and ammunition in his apartment and had made death threats before.

Subejano was to be evaluated Friday, after which Daher planned to rule on a motion to temporarily bar the elderly man from his apartment building.

Peter Rodrigues, manager of the Babcock Tower apartment building in Boston's Brighton section, testified that Subejano threatened him last Friday after he told the veteran his rent would increase from $407 to $660 a month.

"He informed me very calmly, very low-toned that last Friday he had made up his mind and he had decided that he was going to kill me," Rodrigues said. "He stated that killing meant nothing to him."

"He was a sniper in World War II," building management lawyer David Paliotti said. "I sincerely believe that if he wants to take Mr. Rodrigues' life or his own life, he has the ability to do so."

Subejano's lawyer, John Galvin, said the veteran was "not a threat to anyone."

"I'm a nice guy," Subejano said after the hearing. "I'm the only one left {of my family} in the whole universe. But I am a friend to the world."

Subejano's only income is a government pension.

The 5-foot-2 former Army sniper is credited by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with killing some 400 German soldiers. He once single-handedly made his way through grenade and machine-gun fire to capture a German factory, killing six and capturing 37, officials said.

Subejano received 17 medals -- including the Silver Star -- for his heroism during the war.