GLOCESTER, R.I., DEC. 14 -- A high school senior shot his friend to death in attempt to cure his hiccups by scaring him, police said.

David E. Duquette, 19, of Glocester, was arraigned Monday on a murder charge. District Court Judge Victor J. Beretta released him on $40,000 bond, and the case was referred to a grand jury.

Police Chief Joseph A. Green said Nicholas Lovell, 16, also of Glocester, died Sunday after he was shot in the back of the head at Duquette's home.

Duquette told police he was holding the revolver that killed Lovell, but said the gun went off accidentally.

Carl Levin of the attorney general's office described the shooting in court based on Duquette's statement.

Duquette told police he and Lovell were working on a computer when Lovell began to hiccup.

Levin said Duquette went to his parents' room and took a revolver, "which he assumed was unloaded," and held the weapon to the back of Lovell's head. Hoping to scare away the hiccups, Duquette shouted "Bang!" Levin said.

The .38-caliber handgun went off a moment later, killing Lovell.

Duquette ran outside, "yelling for help. He said there had been an accidental shooting and to call police," Green said.

A neighbor did, and Duquette was taken into custody and held overnight.