Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson has sent a letter to NBC News president Lawrence Grossman complaining of "religiously bigoted, biased, untruthful and irresponsible journalism" in a piece that aired Monday on the "NBC Nightly News." Yesterday, the campaign demanded "unedited visual time" for Robertson

to respond on the "Nightly News."

The story dealt with Robertson's recent past as an evangelical Christian broadcaster who practiced "miraculous healing," announced that his prayers diverted a hurricane, preached that "the woman is supposed

to be in {subjugation} to her

husband," and argued that only Christians and Jews are qualified to hold public office.

Robertson -- who now denies ever being an evangelist, promotes himself as a successful businessman and educator, and gave up his title "reverend" to run for president -- "is trying to blur his religious past," correspondent Lisa Myers said on the air. Anchorman Tom Brokaw added that the Robertson campaign declined to make the candidate available to address the issues raised in the report.

The Robertson campaign said it first learned of the impending report last Thursday and tried to accommodate the network, but that "NBC declined, saying they were editing."

"NBC Nightly News" executive producer Bill Wheatley disputed this account, saying that the network had made four attempts to get a response from the campaign since Nov. 23. Asked if he would consider granting Robertson "unedited visual time," Wheatley said, "No."