NEW YORK, DEC. 25 -- The agony and expense of illegal parking was relieved slightly today for a Brooklyn woman and her daughter granted the dubious honor of winning the third annual "world parking ticket competition."

Judyth Sant and her daughter, Barbara, won the $100 prize for holding what the competition's New York organizers calculate is the most parking tickets in the world from among contest entrants.

Judyth Sant said most of the 300 tickets tucked under her windshield wipers were earned by her daughter in their Bensonhurst, Brooklyn neighborhood, and noted she had mixed feelings about the award.

"It's one of the biggest embarrassments of my life, but it's still fun. It's like winning for being stupid," said Sant, a dental hygienist.

The annual contest is sponsored by a bookstore chain and the creator of a calendar that helps beleaguered city motorists keep track of near-daily changes in street parking rules, "The 1988 NYC Alternate Side of the Street Parking Calendar."

Past winners include a professional clown from California, who stubbornly went to jail rather than pay tickets he said were unfair, and a mail carrier in the New York borough of Queens, who parked illegally in order to make his deliveries on time, said contest spokesman Glen Bolofsky.

Clown Terry Kuntson, of Van Nuys, Calif., spent 21 days in jail after refusing to pay over 200 tickets for parking in front of his own driveway, Bolofsky said.

Last year's winner was postman Jim Muller of the Forest Hills section of Queens, who received 65 tickets for parking his car illegally in front of his post office, which he said was necessary to make his rounds.

Sant said she is no scofflaw and pays all her tickets.

Most of the tickets resulted when her daughter arrived home late and managed to park nearby only by leaving the car in illegal spaces.