Gary Hart, reannounced candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, seems well on his

way to qualifying for federal matching funds, ac- cording to sources at the Federal Election Commission.

Former senator Hart (Colo.) applied Monday for eligibility. And by Thursday his request was being forwarded to the election commissioners with the stamp of approval of the audit division staff and general counsel's office. In contrast, another Democratic presidential candidate, Jesse L. Jackson, applied for eligibility weeks ago, and his request has yet to be approved.

The commissioners -- Hart needs four of six votes -- are expected to vote this week whether to certify Hart. Bernard Schneider, Hart's campaign lawyer, said he is confident Hart will be certified by Jan. 4, making him eligible for the first $100,000 in matching funds.

After he is formally certified, Hart can file documentation for what the campaign estimates will be about $1 million in matching funds. Schneider said he expects to have everything certified by Jan. 11. The matching money is based on $2.1 million that the campaign collected before Hart withdrew from the race in May.

In addition, de facto campaign manager Sue Casey said that as of Wednesday Hart had received up

to $10,000 in small contributions through the


Meanwhile, the Hart campaign has attracted two new aides, Paul Weissmann, previously with former Arizona governor Bruce Babbitt, and Daniel Calegari, who had worked for Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) and last week declared he would stick with Gephardt.