RUSSELLVILLE, ARK., DEC. 28 -- A man wielding two revolvers killed two people, wounded four and briefly took a hostage today, and officers later found five more bodies at his house, authorities said.

At least six other relatives were unaccounted for after the bodies in the house were tentatively identified, and were feared dead, authorities said.

R. Gene Simmons Sr., 47, of nearby Dover surrendered to the Russellville police chief at the offices of a trucking company.

The trucking company and two other firms he visited during the shooting spree, a convenience store and an oil company, were former employers, authorities said.

{United Press International reported that Pope County Sheriff Jim Bolin said the victims found at the house tentatively were identified as the suspect's son and daughter, their spouses and a granddaughter. He said they probably had been dead since late Saturday or early Sunday. Simmons' wife, their four minor children and a grandson were missing.

According to police, a man carrying a short-barreled and a long-barreled handgun opened fire at 10:15 a.m. at the office of attorney Richard Peel, killing secretary Kathy Kendrick, 24.

J.D. Chaffin, 33, was killed and another person wounded at Taylor Oil Co.; two people were wounded at Sinclair Mini-Mart, a convenience store on the city's east side; and one person was wounded at Woodline Motor Freight, Johnston said.

Simmons' former boss at the trucking company attributed the shootings to an unrequited love between Simmons and a former co-worker, one of the two people who were killed at the businesses.

The gunman barricaded himself in a computer room at Woodline and briefly held an unidentified person hostage before Johnston persuaded the man to hand over the .22-cal. guns and surrender.