EVERGREEN, COLO., JAN. 1 -- A bank robber reacted to a burglar alarm by calmly picking up a telephone and saying the Bergen Park National Bank's alarm went off by accident, and got away with more than $250,000, authorities said.

"FDIC. This is a false alarm. There must be static on the line," the robber said when he picked up the telephone, The Denver Post reported. FDIC stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Bank officials refused to comment, but Bob Deutsch, a Jefferson County Sheriff's Department spokesman, speculated that the bandit was talking to the bank's alarm company.

The man had walked into the unguarded bank with a pearl-handled revolver Wednesday, with the fur-lined hood of his parka tied tightly around his face.

He ordered bank officers to lie on the floor and then told a teller to empty cash drawers into a bag.

"One of the employes heard the suspect say, 'Where's the big cash? In the vault?' " Deutsch said. "There were indications that he had specific knowledge other cash was there."

After getting money from the vault, the man walked out and drove away. The bank president followed the car for a short distance but lost it.

Deutsch said the robber was in the bank for less than seven minutes.