BEIRUT -- Pro-Iranian kidnapers of West German hostage Rudolf Cordes linked the fate of their captive to that of a Lebanese Shiite Moslem who goes on trial in Duesseldorf, West Germany, today for taking part in Cordes' kidnaping.

Referring to the trial of Abbas Ali Hamadei, charged with involvement in the kidnaping of two West Germans in Beirut, the Freedom Strugglers group warned the Bonn government that it must know that everything has a price. They should take into consideration the fact that things won't remain as they are."

The typewritten statement, sent to a news agency here, was accompanied by a black-and-white photograph of Cordes. The bespectacled West German, kidnaped on Jan. 17, 1987, wore a T-shirt and looked haggard.

His captors have demanded the release of Abbas Hamadei and his brother, Mohammad Ali Hamadei, also detained in West Germany on charges of hijacking a Trans World Airlines plane to Beirut in June 1985 and killing an American passenger.

Abbas Ali Hamadei was arrested at the Frankfurt airport on Jan. 26, 1987, only days after Cordes and Alfred Schmidt were abducted in retaliation for the arrest of Mohammad Ali Hamadei on Jan. 13, also at the Frankfurt airport. Schmidt was freed in September.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese met in Bonn with a senior Interior Ministry official on ways of improving antiterrorist coordination between the European Community and Washington. The meeting touched on the Hamadei brothers' cases, the ministry said.