JERUSALEM, JAN. 6 -- Israeli troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets at rock-throwing Palestinian rioters in the occupied territories today, and an Arab shouting "God is Great!" stabbed a soldier and was shot in the shoulder.

The soldier was cut in the hand in the incident in Tulkarem in the West Bank.

U.N. officials said four Palestinians were hurt in clashes with soldiers. The Army clamped curfews on several cities and refugee camps.

Nine Arabs slated for deportation appealed to military review boards. Five of them appeared before a judge in the West Bank prison of Jnaid and four in a military court in Gaza.

{Palestinian civil rights lawyers charged that youths arrested during the violence had been beaten, given electric shocks and physically abused in overcrowded, unsanitary prisons, United Press International reported. Attorneys belonging to the Law in the Service of Man civil rights group also said at a news conference in Jerusalem that Israeli plans to deport nine Palestinian activists were illegal under international law.

{The human rights group Amnesty International issued a statement in Washington saying Palestinians were being arrested arbitrarily in the occupied territories and that summary justice by military courts there violated international standards. On Dec. 17, the organization called on Israel to investigate the killing of Palestinians during the protests, and it said Wednesday it had received no response.}