It may have been dumped in Des Moines, but it hasn't been banned in Boston.

TransAfrica's television commercial attacking Sen. Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) for his 1986 opposition to South Africa sanctions legislation -- an advertisement rejected as too controversial by 12 Iowa television stations last November -- has just been accepted by WNEV and WCVB, Boston's CBS and ABC affiliates, respectively.

On Wednesday, they will begin beaming the spot into New Hampshire, according to TransAfrica director Randall Robinson.

Robinson said his antiapartheid group will spend $20,000 airing the ad, which presidential candidate Dole has condemned as "a phony attempt to distort {my} record." Robinson added that he is planning a demonstration against Dole Saturday at Dartmouth College, scene of the New Hampshire Republican Party debate involving all six GOP aspirants.

The 30-second commercial, which includes file footage of mayhem in South Africa and a closeup of Dole's face, charges that the senator "just turns his back on apartheid," and it exhorts viewers to confront him on the issue.

"Obviously, we'd just as soon not have it run," said Dole spokeswoman Dale Tate. But she predicted that the ad "will have no significant impact one way or the other."