It's not every day a presidential candidate comes up with a plan to stop Americans from smoking, but Pat Robertson has done just that. Robertson wants the federal government to buy up the tobacco supply grown by U.S. farmers as part of a plan to phase out tobacco growing.

"I would like to see the government buy up the tobacco allotments of farmers over a seven- to 10-year period," Robertson said in an interview to be published in Conservative Digest. "The government might at the same time permit the tobacco companies to have some sort of tax holiday for five or six years, or however long it might take them expeditiously to phase out their investment in tobacco."

Taking his proposal the next step, Robertson added, "Then, say seven or eight years down the road, I think we should have a ban on the use of tobacco in public places." He also called for a possible end in government subsidies to tobacco growers. "It would probably mean our people would live a great deal longer."

While he was at it, Robertson proposed a "user fee on those who insist on consuming {alcoholic beverages} to pay the extra cost of such things as increased health care and related accidents . . . . "