These are selected recommendations in Gov. Gerald L. Baliles' address on the opening day of the General Assembly in Richmond.

Biennial Budget: A record two-year spending plan of $22.5 billion, with no new taxes.

Lottery: Spend proceeds on undesignated construction projects.

Speed Limit: Raise to 65 mph on rural portions of interstates, with strict enforcement of higher speeds; maximum for trucks should remain 55 mph.

Gun Control: Deny ownership or possession of a firearm to all convicted felons.

Higher Education: Provide $218 million more for state colleges; research centers at George Mason University and elsewhere; increased grants for students to attend private colleges in Virginia; $2.5 million in aid for minority students; in-state tuition for military dependents for two years.

Dropouts: Raise from 17 to 18 age at which a student is allowed to quit school without graduating or being certified for specific trade.

Sex Education: Instead of mandating statewide program, as proposed by state Board of Education, allow local school districts to develop own programs that meet state guidelines. State would pay full cost of program.

Health Care: $146 million for increased medical care of elderly and poor.

Mental Health: $65 million more for community care of the mentally ill.

Child Day Care: $10 million to assist low-income families.

Sentencing: Implement Lt. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder's proposal to mandate either death penalty or life imprisonment without parole in capital convictions.

Affirmative Action: Establish minority management internship program and create a minority/female talent bank for state employment.

Campaign Financing: Conduct "fundamental examination" of campaign financing and spending laws.

Drug Control: Implement constitutional amendment, to be proposed by Attorney General Mary Sue Terry, to allow forfeited profits of drug trafficking to be spent on antidrug law enforcement. Proceeds now must go to the literary fund.