Here are excerpts from Maryland Gov. William Donald Schaefer's State of the State address yesterday:

We were in Taiwan, there was an older Chinese man, and he said, "This is the moment" -- we were talking about international trade -- he said, "This is the moment." So, this is the moment for Maryland momentum. This is the moment when we are going to move forward. This is the moment . . . . It's said I'm impatient. I am. It's said I want to do too much. Not true. It's said I don't want to waste any time. Absolutely true. Time is not on our side. Time is against us . . . . We have some needs. We have got to get started. We study things till they are strangled to death. I'm not going to allow that . . . . We know what's to be done. We have got to move forward.

Legislative Relations

{State Senate President Thomas V.} Mike {Miller Jr.}. Right here. He's very, very helpful. He gives me a rough time in the newspapers. And I look at the newspaper and see how he votes, and I say, go ahead, say whatever you want . . . .

One of the members of the legislature said we -- talking about the legislature -- should not give up our legislative authority to the governor. Absolutely correct. You should not give up an ounce of the authority you have and give it to me. On the other side, you ought to allow me to do my job. Don't take from me the things that I can do. I'm a different type of governor. I don't sit and watch the world go by. I'll be bumping heads with you on who does what. But if we have one objective, one objective, and that is to help people, that's the most important thing. I don't want your authority, and I hope you'll let me have mine.

Relations with Virginia

I read in the paper today that {Virginia Gov.} Jerry Baliles talked for an hour and 10 minutes. I've timed it one hour and 20 minutes. I'm not going to let Virginia get ahead of us in any way . . . .

Higher Education

This is the year for higher education. This is the year. What we want to do is to make Maryland colleges and universities the best in the world. It's very simple. The best in the world . . . . What we're going to try to do, we're going to try to consolidate the governance of 11 of our senior institutions, and allow St. Mary's and Morgan State to retain their own boards. And I hope, if we pass this, they'll see the wisdom of coming in to the consolidated governance. New scholarship funds, additional funds for community colleges. Additional enhancements to higher education . . . . Everyone has a different idea how to do it. Everyone agrees that something must be done in higher educational governance.

Math and Science High School

Oh, controversy over that . . . fighting among teachers and principals over whether we're going to take their best students, all that. Very, very important to train our future math and science teachers. Very important to train our young people to be the very best in math and science in the country, if our state is to progress. One thing that you may wonder about, if we don't get the money, where is the money going to go? Well, let me start off by saying . . . we didn't take out of the educational pot money to finance the math and science school. If we don't pass this, that money is not going back into education. It is not going into education . . . . I just wanted to make that perfectly clear.

Light Rail Line

Very important that we start with light rail . . . . It's not a Baltimore light rail. It goes from Baltimore County down through Baltimore City down to Anne Arundel County. But if we call it "Baltimore" only, we can get a good argument, we can get a controversy going.

Port of Baltimore

We have a great port. As we traveled overseas, they knew about our port. We've got a great location for a port. What are we going to do? Well . . . we need a little bit of flexibility on management of the port. We want to improve the climate.

Truck Safety

That's important. You're worried about it. We're going to have more inspections on the road and -- very important -- vehicle emissions.

Economic Development

People say, "You pro-business?" Yes, sir. Why? Jobs. What are you worried about a job for? . . . Very important. And the only way to get jobs is to have a strong economic development policy.

Day Care

We are working hard on that. We're going to ask for additional day care slots for low-income people.

Mental Health

We are going to add $8 million in new funds for new and expanded mental health programs. I am particularly concerned about . . . people who are returned to the street without support. It's important that we take care of them, or they will deteriorate and {have to go} back in.

Pay Raises

First of all, I want to talk a little bit about state employees. They work hard. They're good. They care. We are going to recommend $72 million in pay raises for state employees.

Prison Reform

All of you know about prisons. They are jammed in. There's nothing to do with the people that are there. It's just put them in and out they come after five years, 10 years, whatever it might be. That's wrong. That's wrong . . . . We have a . . . whole new prison reform policy and it's time for us to get on with it, and it will take 11 years.

Circuit Court Judges

I think we should be above poltiics when we select judges. It's tough because everyone likes to have a hand and say, "Well, be on my ticket and I'll elect you," and so forth . . . . I can tell you personally that some of the finest judges will not run, will not run . . . . You need the best people on the bench to make independent decisions.