KEY WEST, FLA., JAN. 17 -- A cargo ship officer accused of stabbing his captain and throwing him overboard was jailed today to await deportation to Bermuda, and the Coast Guard called off the search for the captain's body.

Crew members aboard the British-registered Boxer Captain Cook said first officer Remigio Hernando went "berserk" and stabbed the captain after he was demoted Saturday for allowing the ship to run aground.

Hernando was held in the Monroe County jail in Key West today on suspicion of murder. He was ordered held for deportation to Bermuda, the ship's home port, for prosecution.

The identity of the captain, a British subject, was not released. The ship, owned by Sea Containers Ltd. of London, docked today at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.

The 400-foot container vessel was in international waters about 30 miles southeast of Key West when the crew reported the violence, Coast Guard Petty Officer Gary Starks said.

"They radioed the Coast Guard in Key West that the first officer had apparently gone berserk and stabbed the captain," Starks said. "They say that he may have thrown the body overboard. They saw some blood on the deck."

After consulting with the U.S. State Department and the British Consulate in Atlanta, the Coast Guard cutters Cape York and Dauntless intercepted the ship and its officers went aboard.