SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA, JAN. 17 -- Following is the text of a statement by President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua at the close of a Central American summit yesterday, as translated from Spanish:

1. The government of Nicaragua will put into effect, starting today, the law that suspends the state of emergency in the entire country.

2. The government of Nicaragua immediately will convoke direct talks with the armed groups to reach agreement on a cease-fire within the framework of the Esquipulas II Accords. In conformity with what those groups requested at the last meeting in Santo Domingo {the Dominican Republic}, the government has decided to include Nicaraguans as part of the team that will carry forward the cease-fire talks with the mediation of Cardinal Obando {Roman Catholic Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo}.

Immediately there will be a meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica.

3. The government of Nicaragua will put into effect Amnesty Law No. 33 . . . immediately upon the achievement of an effective cease-fire agreement and the incorporation of the armed groups into the civil sector.

In addition, if no cease-fire agreement is reached, the government will set free all such persons if the government of the United States or any other non-Central American government decides to accept them in its territory. They can return to Nicaragua as soon as the war ends.

4. Nicaragua will hold elections to the Central American Parliament within the previously established time period and, further, will hold municipal elections in the manner established by the Constitution of the republic.