Ken Swope said he had one condition before formally signing on two weeks ago as the Dukakis campaign's newest media adviser.

Swope, late of Delaware's Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s abortive White House quest, wanted to be sure that "the fellows who did the dirty deed" to Biden last September were "really gone" from the Dukakis campaign.

"Maybe {John} Sasso and {Paul} Tully are still friends of mine," Swope said of Dukakis' former campaign manager and national political director, respectively, "but I don't think I should work for them. After all, they were the guys who put my campaign out of business."

Sasso and Tully resigned from the Dukakis campaign after first denying, then acknowledging, that they had been involved in secretly distributing an "attack video" against Biden to a few select political reporters. The video, which showed Biden appropriating a stump speech of British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock without attribution, led to Biden's withdrawal from the race.

Swope said that he spent two months of "talking to all the major players of the Dukakis campaign every day," before he satisfied himself that Sasso and Tully were not actively involved. "They have a right to talk to their friends socially," Swope said, "but I would be very confused if I found out they were calling the shots behind the curtains."