CHICAGO -- Chicago Housing Authority Chairman B. Herbert Martin chained himself to the front door of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development office here, calling for more federal dollars for public housing.

The source of the dispute is $30 million in operating funds that the CHA spent without federal approval on construction cost overruns in its court-ordered scattered-site housing program.

HUD rejected requests for reimbursements, claiming CHA cannot prove the money was spent on scattered-site units. HUD spokesman Adolph Slaughter rejected Martin's contention that HUD is bogged down in paper-shuffling, saying CHA officials "evidently have not done enough paper-shuffling." Sailors Get Life Terms in Mutiny Case ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two sailors were given consecutive life sentences for killing a shrimp boat captain and injuring the first mate.

Bill Gossett, 24, and William Rector, 21, were convicted in a rare mutiny trial. "If this were another era, both of you would have walked the plank or hung from the highest yardarm," U.S. District Court Judge G. Kendall Sharp said.

Prosecutors said the men, hired on the Tampa docks the day before the vessel sailed, plotted to kill the officers, sail the ship back to land and sell it.