MARION, UTAH -- Shots were fired last evening from a house where a polygamist clan, barricaded for four days and believed responsible for a church bombing, is "seeking an armed confrontation," Deputy Public Safety Director Douglas Bodrero said yesterday.

Police were attempting to end the standoff with floodlights and low-flying aircraft, Bodrero said, but after six to 10 shots were fired from the house, they withdrew their observation team. He said police did not return the fire.

Vickie Singer and Addam Swapp -- Singer's husband as well as her son-in-law -- were urged in a televised plea to communicate with officers surrounding their homestead.

The clan, including four other adults and nine children, has vowed to hold out until Singer's previous husband is "resurrected."

John Singer was slain by law officers nine years ago outside the same rural compound. Vickie Singer, 44, and Swapp, 27, are wanted on state warrants charging them in the bombing early Saturday of a Mormon chapel about a half-mile away.

Swapp, who is married to Singer and two of her daughters, reportedly has said the bombing was carried out in retaliation for John Singer's 1979 death, which the clan blames on the Mormon Church. Swapp was excommunicated from the church for espousing polygamy.