Bruce Babbitt is writing a $10,000 check to the Iowa Democratic Party and another for $7,500 to the New Hampshire Democratic Party because of questions about how he acquired mailing lists from the parties.

Vada Manager, a Babbitt spokesman, said yesterday that the former Arizona governor also is asking the Federal Election Commission to rule on the propriety of the transactions.

A Babbitt supporter from Phoenix donated $5,000 to the Iowa party and Babbitt's political action committee gave another $5,000 in return for the list.

A Babbitt supporter from Chicago gave $5,000 to the New Hampshire party and the PAC supplied $2,500 after requests from state party Chairman Joe Grandmaison to help develop the party list, Manager said.

Individuals are permitted to donate only $1,000 on behalf of a federal candidate.

Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) got the Iowa list in exchange for making fund-raising appearances, while five other Democratic candidates in Iowa paid $10,000 directly from their campaign committees to the state party and thus had to

count the payment toward the state spending lim- it.

Ramsay McLauchlan, executive director of the New Hampshire party, said the situation in his state is different because several candidates agreed to raise money to help develop the list, and paid more later for access to it. For instance, Charles Baker, New Hampshire director for Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, said his candidate's direct mail vendor paid $8,500 to the party for the completed list and counted it toward the state spending limit.