JERUSALEM, JAN. 29 -- Nearly 200 Arabs, carrying an outlawed Palestinian flag and pictures of Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat, demonstrated on the sacred Temple Mount today, and violent protests in the occupied West Bank forced the Israeli Army to clamp brief curfews on two refugee camps.

In the West Bank town of Halhul, east of Jerusalem, youths stoned a bus, shattering two windows. Several passengers left the bus to vandalize Arab property, but soldiers ordered them back on board.

Today's protests were far less violent than mass demonstrations that erupted Dec. 9 and sparked retaliatory measures by soldiers, including the fatal shooting of 38 Arabs and beatings of dozens of others.

Arabs emerging from mosques in the Amari and Tulkarm camps hurled stones and a molotov cocktail at soldiers, who fired tear-gas canisters to disperse the crowd, military officials said.

Troops briefly imposed curfews on both refugee areas to restore order, the officials said.

More than 600 police and soldiers fanned out today in East Jerusalem and the walled Old City to prevent disturbances.

About 6,000 worshipers gathered for prayers on the Temple Mount. After prayers ended, two groups of men and women began shouting "Allah is great" and Palestinian nationalist slogans. The groups joined and marched around the ornate Dome of the Rock shrine at the center of the paved concrete Temple Mount area.

Police arrested six youths after the demonstration for incitement and raising the Palestinian flag, police spokesman Rafy Levy said. No injuries were reported.