1-(Jan. 1) Michael Saunders Jr., 19, of 1223 Half St. SW, found at First and N streets SW with a gunshot wound.

2-(Jan. 3) Tommy Brown of New York, found shot at the Downtown Motel, 1300 block of Fourth Street NE.

3-(Jan. 3) Osahon S. Emovon, 27, of Cockeysville, Md., found shot several times in a car, 2600 block of Stanton Road SE.

4-(Jan. 3) Gwendolyn Scott, 30, of 2418 Elvans Rd. SE, one of two persons shot when several persons forced their way into the apartment.

5 and 6 (Jan. 6) Stephen Barnes, 8, and Jerome Clayton Barnes, 4, residents at the city-run Capitol City Inn shelter, 1850 New York Ave. NE, stabbed to death.

7-(Jan. 7) Thomas E. Arnold, 40, of 78 Galveston St. SW, shot while walking in front of 89 Galveston St. SW.

8-(Jan. 10) Curtis Briscoe, 25, of the 3400 block of Warder Street NW, found shot after an argument in the 600 block of Park Road NW.

9-(Jan. 10) Ricardo Washington, 19, of the 3400 block of 13th Place SE, found with a gunshot wound in the back outside 3418 13th Place SE.

10-(Jan. 10) Levee Canady, found in the 2100 block of I Street NE, shot several times.

11-(Jan. 11) John Clem, of 1465 Columbia Rd. NW, stabbed to death during a fight at 1467 Girard St. NW.

12-(Jan. 13) Judson Boyd, 27, of 2437 Langston Place SE, found with gunshot wounds in front of 2730 Langston Place SE.

13-(Jan. 15) Unidentified man found with gunshot wounds at 1151 First Ter. NW.

14-(Jan. 15) Clifford Jackson, 33, 4241 Sixth St. SE, found on the front steps of 1438 Cedar St. SE with gunshot wounds.

15-(Jan. 15) Unidentified man, about 40, found on a sidewalk in the 1000 block of Eighth Street NW with gunshot wounds in the head and neck.

16-(Jan. 16) Bernard Smith, 39, of 1117 I St. NE, found on a sidewalk at 11th and O streets NW with a gunshot wound in the chest.

17-(Jan. 16) Joseph Williams, 21, of 1707 Montana Ave. NE, found at 1625 Montana Ave. NE shot in the neck.

18-(Jan. 17) Reginald Adams, 29, of 2634 Monroe St. NE, shot while walking in the 600 block of Chesapeake Street SE.

19-(Jan. 17) Steven Davis, 22, of 1638 New Jersey Ave. NW, found shot in front of the 200 block of R Steet NW.

20-(Jan. 18) Benton B. Johnson, 24, of 1013 Euclid St. NW, found in an apartment at 1429 Girard St. NW shot several times.

21-(Jan. 19) Beverly Anita Thompson, 25, of 1357 Emerald St. NE, found raped, beaten and strangled in a burning apartment at 304 Oklahoma St. NE.

22-(Jan. 20) George Pringle, 20, of 3407 28th Pkwy., Temple Hills, shot after a fight in the East Side Club, 1824 Half St. SW.

23-(Jan. 20) Richard C. Cole, 35, of 1231 T St. NW, found in a basement at 1430 W St. NW with stab wounds.

24-(Jan. 20) Horace L. Pinnock, 34, of the Bronx, N.Y., found shot in a third-floor apartment at 625 K St. SE.

25-(Jan. 20) Larry Elliott, 31, address unknown, found shot at 625 K St. SE.

26-(Jan. 21) Harold E. Alvaranga, found in a parking lot alongside 811 Bellevue St. SE with gunshot wounds.

27-(Jan. 22) Elijah Carter, 33, of 9142 Emerson Ct., Greenbelt, found shot several times in front of 420 16th St. SE.

28-(Jan. 23) William F. Caffee, 41, of 2945 Knox Place SE, found in a parking lot alongside 2410 Hartford St. SE with gunshot wounds.

29-(Jan. 24) Jarrett Jones, 18, of 6000 13th Place NW, found shot in a rental car at 18th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE.

30-(Jan. 26) Ralph W. Bailey Jr., 23, of 4105 Southern Ave., Capitol Heights, found shot and burned in a car discovered in a stream near Grant and 46th streets NE.

31-(Jan. 27) Rafael Mena-Alfra, 25, of 5913 16th St. NW, found shot to death in his basement apartment.

32-(Jan. 27) William L. Goins, 22, of 302 34th Place NE, shot at Gregg's Barber Shop, 1909 Seventh St. NW.

33-(Jan. 29) Kermit Hutchin, 51, of 16 Rhode Island Ave. NE, died at D.C. General Hospital five days after being admitted for head injuries.

34-(Jan. 30) Unidentified man found shot at 4607 G St. SE.

35-(Jan. 31) Fred Parris, 43, of the 1600 block of Argonne Place NW, shot in front of his home.

36-(Jan. 31) Unidentified woman found on the sidewalk at the intersection of Holbrook and Levis streets NE.

37-(Jan. 31) Reginald Small, 15, of Condon Terrace SE, gunned down in the 500 block of Bellevue Street SE.

SOURCE: District of Columbia police department.