TUSCALOOSA, ALA., FEB. 3 -- James Larry Harvey, a Vietnam-era veteran who took teachers and students hostage at a Christian school here Tuesday, was charged with 84 counts of kidnaping today and sent to a state mental facility for psychiatric tests.

Bond was set at $8.4 million each for Harvey and his alleged accomplice, John Rhodes Jr. Harvey was taken to Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility. Rhodes was kept at Tuscaloosa County Jail.

No one was hurt during the 13-hour takeover of the West End Christian School, which ended when authorities tricked Harvey into surrendering by playing a videotape containing a phony promise of a pardon from Gov. Guy Hunt (R).

The 350-student school, which is operated by the West End Baptist Church, was closed today to students, although the staff reported to work. Headmaster Dan Carden said the school will reopen Thursday and a special thanksgiving prayer service is planned Sunday.

"We've got to get the place cleaned up, it looks like," Carden said. "Everbody's emotionally drained and worn out. {They need} a day to recoup."

Alan Goodwin, Indian River Mental Health Center director, said city agencies have created a task force to help families deal with the incident. He said most of those involved were "recuperating on their own."

"What we are getting a lot of is parents calling about other kids who are scared," Goodwin said. "We're not only hearing about it in this area, but in other communities across the country. Kids are just generally scared to go to school."

Harvey, armed with rifles and handguns, burst into the school with Rhodes Tuesday and demanded to speak to authorities about political and social problems in the nation.