JERUSALEM, FEB. 4 -- Palestinian guerrillas infiltrated into northern Israel from Lebanon early today and shot dead two Israeli soldiers and wounded a third. One of the Palestinians was killed, another was captured and a third apparently escaped back into Lebanon, the Army said.

It was the second infiltration into the northern area in the past two weeks and the fourth attempted raid since November. The first of these -- an attack by a commando who flew into Israel on a hang glider, killed six soldiers and wounded eight others on Nov. 25 -- was widely cited as one of the factors that helped set off the eight-week-long wave of disturbances that have swept the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip since Dec. 8.

The Israeli Army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Shomron, told Israeli radio that today's raid appeared to be an attempt by the Palestine Liberation Organization "to influence what is happening in the {occupied} territories."

The Army said the men killed and captured were carrying papers identifying themselves as members of Fatah, the main wing of the PLO. In Sidon, Lebanon, a Fatah spokesman claimed responsibility for the raid.

There were new disturbances across the West Bank today and 11 Arab communities were placed under military curfew. Four Palestinians were injured in the Balata refugee camp outside Nablus when they reportedly attacked a Border Police patrol, which opened fire with live ammunition and rubber bullets.

Near Hebron, an Israeli motorist fired at alleged stone throwers after a passenger was slightly injured by a rock. The driver wounded one Palestinian. Later, Jewish settlers from nearby Kiryat Arba said they would operate armed patrols on the main Hebron-Jerusalem highway and confront stone throwers.

{An Army spokesman said an officer was suspended after violating orders limiting the use of live ammunition in the village of Silwad, where three Arabs were wounded, The Associated Press reported.}

Today's border incident began at about 4 a.m. when raiders cut a hole in the border security fence near Kibbutz Yaftah, a farming collective in the Upper Galilee, according to the Army. It said the men carried automatic rifles, grenades and antitank missiles and planned to seize hostages at a civilian settlement.

As military vehicles approached, one of the Palestinians opened fire from the Lebanese side of the fence, hitting three soldiers in one of the vehicles. The other soldiers fired back and heard shouts indicating they had hit the gunman.

Then soldiers discovered one man hiding and opened fire. He surrendered, the Army said, and under questioning told them there was another guerrilla on the Israeli side of the fence.

Later in the morning someone threw a grenade into an Israeli jeep. It landed at the feet of the driver, who managed to throw it out of the vehicle and race away before it exploded.

Another unit spotted the guerrilla and ordered him to surrender, but he threw a grenade, the soldiers said. They fired, killing him.