JERUSALEM -- -- Israeli gunfire wounded 27 Arabs in clashes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip yesterday, hospital sources said.

In Jerusalem, about 200 Arabs raised the outlawed Palestinian flag after Friday prayers and pelted police with rocks outside the Dome of the Rock mosque, a shrine on the Temple Mount. Six Palestinians reportedly were treated for wounds at West Bank hospitals.

Troops sealed off the Kalandia refugee camp near the West Bank town of Ramallah after a nighttime demonstration. Reporters saw flares fired over the camp and heard the sound of rubber bullets and live ammunition being fired.

The Army said a Jewish settler whose car was stopped at a roadblock near an Arab village was hit in the head by rocks thrown by the villagers. He was reported in critical condition after surgery at a Jerusalem hospital. His brother-in-law, visiting from New York, suffered a smashed breastbone.

In the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, troops used tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse stone-throwing youths demonstrating in the Jabaliya refugee camp, witnesses said. Hospital sources said 21 Palestinians were admitted after being beaten by soldiers.

Israeli authorities reportedly cut off electricity supplies to Gaza City in an apparent attempt to prevent mosque loudspeakers from being used to call for demonstrations.

Public schools in East Jerusalem were ordered closed for a week, starting Saturday, in an effort to curb unrest.