VIENNA, FEB. 7 -- An international commission of military historians has written a "very critical" report on the wartime activities of Austria's president, Kurt Waldheim, and will submit it to the government Monday, the head of the panel said today.

The Austrian government, at the request of the president, commissioned six historians from different countries to probe allegations that Waldheim was involved in war crimes while serving as a lieutenant in a German Army unit in the Balkans. The commission's mandate expires Monday.

"The report is very critical," said Swiss historian Rudolf Kurz, chairman of the panel.

However, the report presumably will not deal with an alleged 1942 telegram showing that Waldheim ordered more than 4,000 civilians to be deported to two detention sites that served as transfer stations to a concentration camp in the Balkans. The alleged telegram was published last week by the West German magazine Der Spiegel, but the Yugoslav government did not allow the commission access to the original document, said to be in the country's war archives.

Though he requested the investigation, Waldheim has said he will serve out his term until 1992, regardless of the panel's findings. The president consistently has denied wrongdoing in the war.

The report is expected to be published on Tuesday.