The Washington Post-ABC News poll was based on telephone interviews conducted Wednesday through Friday with randomly selected registered voters in New Hampshire who said they plan to vote in the state's presidential primary next Tuesday.

The survey is part of a series of tracking polls that the Post and ABC News will conduct through primary day. Tracking surveys, in which small nightly samples of voters are combined over several days, provide a moving picture of a campaign. Such surveys are widely used by private pollsters to monitor shifts in voter preferences.

Findings from Wednesday through Friday were based on 456 registered Democrats and independents who said they will vote in the Democratic presidential primary and 467 registered Republicans and independents who said they will vote in the Republican primary.

Figures were adjusted slightly to conform with Census Bureau estimates for the population with regard to age, education and gender. Results also were adjusted to give greater weight to people who said they are certain to vote.

In addition, slight differences in the way the Post and ABC News adjusted the overall sample might result in minor differences in the results reported by each organization.

The margin of samping error is plus or minus 5 percentage points for results reported by party. Sampling error is only one of many potential sources of error in this or any other public opinion poll.