The antiapartheid group TransAfrica, which has been running television and newspaper advertisements critical of Sen. Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) for his opposition to South Africa sanctions legislation, has found a new target.

TransAfrica's executive director, Randall Robinson, has called on Dole's fellow Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson to apologize for remarks made during an interview Thursday with South African government television. Robinson labeled Robertson "a racist, redneck fundamentalist."

Robertson said American blacks view the struggle against apartheid as "an extension of the United States civil rights movement. I think they don't understand what they are dealing with, really, in this South Africa thing. And so, it becomes an American political issue to say if you want support among American blacks for American political office, you have to bash South Africa. I think that's wrong."

Robinson said the remark belittles American blacks and their grasp of foreign affairs. "One is unsettled by this only because he is being seriously taken by the voters," he said. "I can't say I'm surprised by this kind of remark that comes from a racist, redneck fundamentalist."

Robertson campaign spokesman Scott Hatch said, "I think there was a misunderstanding in Mr. Robinson's interpretation of what Pat was saying. We're talking about a tribal society . . . . It's not an issue of black and white like it is here in America. But that doesn't mean we're condoning the system."