Following is a list of some incidents involving North Korea during the past two decades. In some cases, the only source of information is South Korea. The list includes only a few of the many instances of shooting across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), attacks on South Korean fishing vessels and attempted infiltrations for which North Korea has been accused in recent years.

Jan. 21, 1968. A 31-member North Korean commando team infiltrated across the DMZ and reached within 800 yards of the Blue House, the presidential mansion in Seoul, before being apprehended. Thirty were shot to death in an ensuing firefight or committed suicide; one was captured.

Jan. 23, 1968. North Koreans captured the U.S. Navy ship USS Pueblo and tortured and beat some of its 83-man crew before releasing them.

April 15, 1969. A North Korean fighter shot down a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane with a crew of 31. All died.

Dec. 11, 1969. A North Korean agent hijacked a Korean Air Lines turboprop with 47 people aboard to North Korea. Only 39 were repatriated, two months later.

Aug. 15, 1974. A pro-North resident of Japan attempted to assassinate then-President Park Chung Hee during a Liberation Day ceremony in Seoul. Park escaped but his wife was killed.

Nov. 15, 1974. U.N. forces announced the discovery of a tunnel extending almost a mile south of the DMZ frontline, apparently intended to ease North Korean infiltration. Two other tunnels have been found since.

Aug. 18, 1976. Two U.S. Army officers were hacked to death in the DMZ by North Korean guards with axes.

Oct. 9, 1983. A powerful bomb exploded at a ceremony in Rangoon, Burma, during a state visit by President Chun Doo Hwan. Chun, who arrived late, was not hurt, but four Cabinet ministers and 13 other South Koreans were killed. A man described by Burmese officials as a North Korean agent was apprehended and executed.

Dec. 3, 1983. Two North Korean infiltrators were caught on a beach near Pusan in southeast Korea, South Korean officials said.

Oct. 7, 1987. A South Korean fishing boat was sunk by the North Korean Navy. Eleven crew members died; one survived and was rescued.

Nov. 29, 1987. Korean Air Flight 858, flying from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok, disappeared over the Andaman Sea. A woman who traveled on the first leg of the flight was captured and extradited to South Korea, where she said she was a North Korean agent and had placed a bomb on the jet. The woman, Kim Hyon Hui, also said she had been schooled in posing as a Japanese by a Japanese woman who had been kidnaped from a beach in Japan.