The White House staff provides President Reagan each working day with a schedule of events, supplemented with a background memo on each meeting and "suggested talking points." The memo lists participants for each event and provides a "sequence of events," timed to the minute. ABC News White House correspondent Sam Donaldson obtained a copy of the president's script for last Thursday. Here are some samples from that day's White House memos.

For a meeting with chief executive officers of major corporations, the president was given talking points on the administration's budget initiatives and the INF Treaty. Rebecca G. Range, deputy assistant to the president and director of public liaison, provided Reagan with a sense of what to expect:

The talking points for a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators on the INF Treaty:

The national Easter Seal child, Shawn Dennsteadt, 8, of Mount Laurel, N.J., and the national Easter Seal adult, retired Army colonel J. George Cisneros of San Antonio, presented Reagan with the first sheet of 1988 Easter Seals. The president's talking points:

Reagan ended the day with Armand Hammer, chairman of the President's Cancer Panel. According to a memo from Cabinet secretary and presidential assistant Nancy J. Risque, Hammer would present Reagan with the panel's report and tell the president of Hammer's plans to "launch an independent effort to raise $1 billion for cancer research." Hammer would also present the Reagan Library Foundation with a reproduction of the notebook in which Leonardo da Vinci recorded his scientific observations. The president's talking points: