NICOSIA, CYPRUS, FEB. 29 -- Iraq said it fired rockets into the heart of Tehran today, an attack that, if confirmed, would be the first long-range missile strike by Iraq in the 7 1/2-year-old Persian Gulf war. Iran reported what it described as bombing raids, but did not mention missiles.

Iraq's official news agency, monitored in Nicosia, said gunners fired five surface-to-surface missiles into Tehran after two Iranian rockets had roared into Baghdad, killing and wounding "many civilians."

Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), also monitored here, said in urgent dispatches that "two loud explosions" were heard after nightfall in Tehran and "there may have been casualties and damage." It said the blasts, 10 minutes apart, were "from fresh Iraqi attacks" but gave no other details.

Earlier, IRNA said Tehran was bombed twice in Iraqi air raids but did not mention missile attacks on the city. It said in one of the raids, 16 people were killed and "dozens wounded, including newborn babies," at a Tehran hospital.

Tehran Radio urged Iranians to take refuge in bomb shelters.

The later Iranian communique indicated there was confusion over the Iraqi attacks, possibly because Iraq had not previously used surface-to-surface missiles against Tehran in the war, which began in September 1980. Iraq has relied on its warplanes to strike deep inside Iranian territory.

"The Iraqi rockets will reduce the Iranian capital to rubble," the Iraqi News Agency said, quoting an unidentified military spokesman. "The Iraqi rockets will fall on Tehran all night until the city is demolished on the heads of its rulers."

{Iraq claimed last year to have built and successfully tested a surface-to-surface missile with a range of 400 miles, Reuter noted. Tehran is 300 miles east of Iraq's border.}

The Iraqi News Agency quoted a military spokesman as saying the missiles "had been designed by Iraqi minds and put together by Iraqi hands as a gift to the leader of Iraq," President Saddam Hussein, "and the people of Iraq."

IRNA quoted a Revolutionary Guards communique as saying Iran's missiles were aimed at the headquarters of Iraq's state-run television and radio network and two military targets in Baghdad.

State-run Baghdad radio said two missiles exploded in the city of 5 million people. No casualty figures were given.

It was the third day of attacks on population and industrial centers. The attacks began Saturday when Iraqi warplanes bombed Tehran for the first time since January 1987. The exchange of attacks and reported use by Iraq of long-range missiles heightened fears that the Persian Gulf foes are locked in a fresh round of a periodic "war of the cities."