A Washington Capitals hockey player has told investigators that he saw several of his teammates, who he said were partly clad, struggling with a girl in a limousine early Saturday morning outside a Georgetown bar, law enforcement sources said.

Nick Kypreos, who plays left wing on the team, told investigators that he stepped into the limousine with a bucket of chicken but left when he saw the girl struggling with the players, the sources said. Kypreos has met with investigators and police investigating the incident.

The 17-year-old girl has told police that four Capitals players participated in raping and sodomizing her inside a limousine parked outside Champions sports bar at 1206 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

In her statement to police, the girl named the four players as: Dino Ciccarelli, 30, who plays right wing; Geoff Courtnall, 27, who plays left wing; and defensemen Neil Sheehy, 30, and Scott Stevens, 26.

Courtnall has declined to comment on the allegations, and the other three have denied them. No charges have been filed against the four.

The driver of the limousine, Whitney Valentine, has said that he saw nothing indicating the girl was in distress, and that when she left the limousine, she said, " 'Thanks, guys, see you later.' "

Champions was holding a post-season bash for the team two days after it lost to the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League playoffs.

Another Capitals player, right wing Steve Leach, has told investigators that he has dated the 17-year-old girl and that the girl called him later Saturday morning to tell him about the events inside the limousine, law enforcement sources said.

Police investigators have also interviewed 22-year-old Sheriese Mayo, who went to Champions with the 17-year-old girl that night, spoke to her the next morning and accompanied her to Georgetown University Hospital, where the girl was examined. The Washington Post also interviewed Mayo.

Lengthy interviews with law enforcement officials who have reviewed the accounts given police investigators by the teenager, Mayo and others provided the following account of that evening:

Sheehy called the girl at her home last Friday and invited her to his home in Upper Marlboro, but she declined the invitation and agreed to meet him later that evening at the Champions party, according to law enforcement sources.

Mayo, a waitress who works with the 17-year-old at Rick Walker's Scoreboard in Fairfax, said that she made arrangements to go with the girl to the Champions party. She said the girl picked her up at the restaurant about 9:30 p.m. Friday. Mayo and the girl arrived at Champions about half an hour later, the sources said.

Once at the sports bar, Mayo said in an interview, she showed her identification, and her friend explained that she did not have identification with her but she knew some of the players.

About 11:30 p.m., both headed upstairs to the party, where they had drinks called kamikazes.

"We weren't drunk drunk, but we were high," Mayo said in the interview. "Everybody was partying hard."

Mayo said that at some point, the pair split up and did not talk again until the next morning, during an employees' meeting at Rick Walker's.

As Mayo was leaving the party at Champions to go with the player to a home in Prince George's County early Saturday, she said that she saw her friend with Leach. Leach was dating her friend, Mayo said. "I figured, she's going to be okay, she's with Steve," Mayo said in the interview.

The 17-year-old, who said she had four or five Budweisers and two "shooters," was talking to a few Capitals players when Ciccarelli grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into an alley outside Champions where a limousine was parked, according to the 17-year-old's account to police investigators. Courtnall, Sheehy and Stevens were inside the limousine, she told police.

Mayo said that her friend told her that the players offered her a ride to her car in the limousine, Mayo said in the interview.

In the 17-year-old's account to police investigators, she said that once inside the car, the players grabbed her breasts, groin area and legs.

The girl said Ciccarelli first forced her to perform a sexual act with him, according to the account she gave police. At the same time, Courtnall forced her to perform a sexual act and Sheehy pulled off some of her clothes and her underwear, she also told police.

The players then pulled the girl off the limousine seat and onto the floorboard, she told police.

The girl also said that, at some point, a player instructed the limousine driver to put up the partition separating the back seat from the driver's seat.

The girl said in her account to police that Stevens stepped out of the limousine and ordered the limousine driver to get out and be the lookout for the players.

The driver, Valentine, has disputed the girl's account. He told investigators earlier this week that he got out of the limousine at one point, but that he did not see any sexual activity.

The girl told police that Ciccarelli and Courtnall then forced her to perform oral sex with both of them. Sheehy forced her to have intercourse with him, the girl told police.

The girl told police that she repeatedly told the players, "Don't do this to me. I don't want you to do this." At one point, the girl told police, she screamed.

The girl told police that her scream seemed to shock the players.

She told police that while the three players were sexually assaulting her, another player, Kypreos, got into the limousine with a bucket of chicken, but immediately got out of the car when he saw what was occurring.

She told police that at that point she was able to get her clothes, get dressed and get out of the limousine. She told police that Stevens then got back into the limousine and told the driver to leave.

Meanwhile, Mayo has told police investigators that after leaving Champions she went to a home in Prince George's County with a Capitals player. At some point in the evening, Mayo said that she woke up to realize that a different Capitals player -- Sheehy -- was having sex with her, she told police. Mayo told him to get off of her, but he refused and acted in a hostile way, according to a source's description of the account that Mayo gave police.

Mayo said in the interview with The Post that she has not reported the alleged incident to Prince George's County police and has not decided whether she will.

Asked to comment on Mayo's assertions, Sheehy said, "I am very confident of the judicial system, and when all the facts are out, everyone will see what happened." Asked whether he had non-consensual sex with the girl or with Mayo, he said, "I'm innocent." He referred further questions to his lawyer, Thomas C. Green, who declined to comment.

In the meantime, another witness, Carl C. McCartee, manager of the Third Edition bar in Georgetown, appeared at the U.S. Attorney's Office for questioning. The 17-year-old girl apparently went to the Third Edition after the alleged incident.

McCartee said yesterday that he had talked to defense attorneys for the players earlier and had decided to appear voluntarily to give a "statement of facts." McCartee did not elaborate.

Staff writers Steve Goff, Dave Sell and Elsa Walsh contributed to this report.