BOSTON, MAY 24 -- Freed hostage Frank Reed will see his 91-year-old mother for the first time since his release when he returns home Sunday to a hero's welcome, his daughter said today.

"I think what's kept her going for the past 3 1/2 years is {that} this day will come," Marilyn Langston said. "Once she sees him and touches him, that will be very, very wonderful for her."

Langston said her grandmother, Leota Sprague, did not travel to West Germany, to greet Reed, as younger family members did.

Reed, 56, grew up in Malden, a Boston suburb. Malden Mayor James Conway said city residents were excited about the return of their native son.

"We've been waiting patiently for this," he said. "We look forward to sharing in his joy and triumph."

Throughout the city, yellow ribbons adorned businesses and homes to signify the vigil of those awaiting his return, Conway said. "There's a lot of feeling that the fellow went through a lot," he said. "We've been remembering him in our prayers."

Reed is to receive an official welcome from the city when he lands at Logan International Airport, said Linda McManus of the Malden Chamber of Commerce.

The city scheduled a parade to honor Reed Tuesday, McManus said. The parade was scheduled after veterans complained about tentative plans to honor Reed in conjunction with a Memorial Day parade Monday. McManus said scheduling the second parade also was done to allow Reed a day of rest.

Reed, kidnapped in 1986 while serving as head of the private Lebanese International School, was held by Moslem extremists until last month. Since his release, he has been recuperating and undergoing medical tests.

A spokesman for the hospital at Andrews Air Force Base, where Reed has been treated, said doctors there expect Reed to return to the hospital Tuesday. Reed's son-in-law, Bob Langston, said Reed told him that he intended to participate in the parade and return to the hospital later Tuesday or on Wednesday.