HONG KONG, JUNE 4 (MONDAY) -- Tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong and other cities outside China rallied Sunday in remembrance of those killed when Beijing's troops crushed the democracy movement a year ago.

"We won't forget June 4" and "We are not scared," read banners carried by marchers in Hong Kong, which reverts to China in 1997.

Rallies also were staged in Taiwan, Japan and Britain.

Police estimated 100,000 people joined in the Hong Kong march, but organizers put the figure at more than 200,000. It was the biggest rally in the British colony since nearly 1 million people demonstrated last summer in support of China's democracy movement.

In Taiwan, organizers set up an altar for last year's victims. "The June 4 massacre was a historical wound, which we hope can be healed with support from people in Taiwan and the mainland," said Wu Sheng-nung, chief organizer of the demonstration in Taiwan. About 400 Taiwanese, braving rain, rallied.

Demonstrators in Tokyo gathered in a park with wreaths and banners in Chinese and Japanese saying, "Long live freedom and democracy in Tiananmen Square."

In London, a Chinese student who said his friends were killed in the crackdown told 2,000 outside the Chinese Embassy that the movement would rise again.